What Do Guinea Pigs Eat?

What Do Guinea Pigs Eat?

Most of the people like to raise any pet in their home as a part of family. Most of them will have dog or cat as pet in common, whereas some of them use to grow guinea pig. Guinea pigs are good pet and will be social companion also can have interaction with them as they respond with their sounds. They are furry and tailless pets which look very cute and they can easily get bonded with human of same gender. Being a guinea pig pet owner it is your responsibility to care and feed them properly in order to keep them healthy so it is necessary to know what kind of food should be given them to eat.

You like your pet guinea pig very much for that you should not feed them with the food you eat as they may be harmful to them. Guinea pigs are herbivores as they can be fed with hay, pellets, vegetables and fruits only and should not give dairy, eggs, meat… It is your duty to make a healthy diet plan for your guinea pig with best guinea pig food. Like other pets, guinea pigs also were prone to some diseases so to be more concerned on their diet to keep them safe.

It is important to keep two things in mind on choosing guinea pig food are vitamin C and Constant-growing teeth. Guinea pigs can’t manufacture vitamin C on their own which signifies that they are at risk of being affected by scurvy so it is best to feed them with the pellets that include vitamin C. Next have to consider about guinea pigs teeth which are always growing whereas it is good to provide them with something fibrous for chewing based on this factor hay can be perfect to feed.

Selection of food for feeding guinea pigs

What Do Guinea Pigs Eat

Vitamin C- need to feed the guinea pig with the food source that were enrich in vitamin C as it can’t formulate. The amount of providing vitamin C is about 10-30 mg per day whereas the guinea pigs which are pregnant, young will require more. Choose the vegetables rich in vitamin C and feed them along with fresh pellets to attain the average vitamin C needs. To give them additional vitamin C can prefer vitamin C tablets that are specifically available for them and with this can meet their vitamin C requirements.

Pellets- guinea pig has to be feed daily with commercial guinea pig pellets. While providing the pellets it is necessary to be considerate on the amount as to prevent them from being obese.

Hay- it is essential in guinea pig diet. Good feed for adult guinea pig is Timothy hay or orchard grass whereas alfalfa is the best supplement for growing and pregnant guinea pigs as they are rich in calcium.

Fresh vegetables and fruits- along with hay and pellets can provide fresh vegetables and some fruits to guinea pig in regular. It is best to offer them leafy greens in much quantity and other vegetables and fruits in small portion. Before providing vegetables and fruits to guinea pig it is necessary to check the list of veggies and fruits that has to be avoided.

How much to feed your guinea pig?

What Do Guinea Pigs Eat

Normally, guinea pig won’t eat too much yet it is necessary to provide them proper diet. To keep them healthy have to feed them with right amount of pellets, hay and fresh vegetables. You can provide them 1/8 cup of pellets once in a day also add hay and fresh vegetables along with that. You can give them fresh hay in large quantity as the guinea pig requires continuous access to hay because it will support for digestion and helps to limit the growth of their teeth as well. And you can offer them with about one cup of fresh leafy greens once a day also can provide fresh vegetables. Vegetables like carrot, potato and zucchini can be added once or twice in a week. Fruits can be given occasionally as include fruits several times in a week and give them in small portion which will be adequate for them.

It is good to introduce new vegetables and fruits gradually so that they won’t be affected with diarrhea. Providing such well-balanced diet keeps your guinea pig health better.

How to pick the best guinea pig food?

What Do Guinea Pigs Eat

Hay, fresh vegetables and fruits are good feed for guinea pig apart from that need to provide pellets. There are many brands of guinea pig pellets were available to shop. To shop the best guinea pig food, you need to have some preferences as it is good to prefer the pellets which are of good quality, fresh and pick the one that make use of stabilized form of vitamin C. Also it is better to avoid the guinea pig pellet which contains nuts or seed, corn products, dried fruits, animal-by products or other fillers and the foods with added preservatives or chemicals.

Best guinea pig food brands to shop

What Do Guinea Pigs Eat

Oxbow Cavy Cuisine – It is a great food for adult guinea pigs as it made from Timothy hay and includes high fiber. There are no chemical preservatives, artificial coloring, animal fats and corn in this.

Sweet Meadow Timothy – It is made from finest Timothy grass food and it is high in vitamin C. Also it has calcium which is good for your guinea health.

Burgess Excel– It is high in fiber as well as vitamin C and it ensures the health of guinea pigs. It has wide range of natural flavors and it comes in crunchy nuggets that prevent the guinea pigs teeth from overgrowing.

Supreme Selective Fortified Diet for Guinea Pigs – It has zero added sugar that prevents the guinea pig from overeating and obesity also dental problems. It is a high-quality food for growing and pregnant guinea pigs as they contain alfalfa hay.

Small Pet Select Guinea Pig Food Pellets – These guinea pig pellets were made with finest ingredients as they include Timothy hay and essential vitamins and minerals.

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